BMW Service

BMW Service.

If you are considering purchasing a BMW, we would like to invite you to visit our BMW model overview. Once you have found the BMW of your choice, please follow the "BMW Dealer" link to identify a nearby dealership and find an English speaking sales person.

Our English speaking sales advisor will support you in all administrative steps in the process of registering your car in Japan. You can also arrange your test drive online by filling in the contact form under the link "Contact BMW".

BMW Service.

    Service quality.

    Pre-Delivery Inspection at Authorized Dealers.

    All BMW vehicles at BMW Authorized Dealers nationwide receive a pre-delivery inspection at an authorized dealer’s workshop. At the same time, certain optional accessories are also installed, and finally the vehicle is ready to be delivered to customers. BMW vehicles have a car memory / key memory system as standard equipment, with 1 key equipped with the settings requested by the customer. BMW Authorized Dealers accept orders for setting up car memory and key memory. You can further enjoy your car life with a feeling close to that of an order-made setting. (* Certain models may come without car / key memory system as standard equipment.)


    Car Memory.

    Vehicle settings can be changed according to customer requests. [Setting Example] “Home Light” The home light will keep dark roads illuminated while you get out of your vehicle and walk into the house. The approximately 40 second illumination duration can be changed. “Engine Key in Ignition Warning” When you turn off the engine and open the driver’s side door with the key still in the ignition, an alarm will notify you that you forgot to remove the key. Next: Key Memory Back: Pre-Delivery Inspection at Authorized Dealers


    Key Memory.

    Seat positioning and air conditioner settings vary from driver to driver. Key memory can store settings in each remote control key, and restore vehicle settings each time used, freeing the driver from adjusting settings every time. “Seat Memory” (For electrical powered seat vehicles only) Driver’s seat position is stored per key, and when the door is unlocked or the driver’s side door is opened, the seat position is automatically adjusted accordingly. “Air Conditioner” Air conditioner settings such as temperature and fan speed can be stored in each key, so that each time you start the engine the air conditioner will run at these settings.


    A revolutionary maintenance package, The “BMW Service Inclusive”* BMW is committed to long term support for your driving pleasure.

    “Long term driving pleasure without the bothers of considering maintenance costs.” BMW has continued to embrace this concept in creating various service programs that constantly lead the industry’s after service programs.

    BMW Service Inclusive is an attractive package that covers a wide variety of maintenance items and can drastically reduce maintenance costs for your car, ensuring support of your driving pleasure.


    * The “BMW Service Inclusive” can be purchased within one year after new vehicle registration.

    Maintenance on Demand.

    Maintenance on Demand, a next generation service program made possible through high performance BMW vehicles.


    BMW vehicles are equipped with CBS (Condition Based Service) or SIA (Service Interval Indicator) which monitors necessary maintenance and its timings based on the vehicles usage. By notifying the driver of the optimum timing, it allows for “On Demand” type of maintenance. Precisely, the long life consumable parts in high performance BMW vehicles don’t require frequent replacement. For example, spark plugs will last 100,000km.


    Even if unexpected repair becomes necessary, BMW vehicles are covered with full 3 year new vehicle warranty. Additionally, Emergency Service will support your BMW ownership together with the 3 year warranty, even in the case of trouble you face on the road.


    Maintenance on Demand that reduces maintenance costs by replacing consumable parts at optimal intervals, is environment-friendly as well. This program is available from the day you become an owner, with no additional contracts or fees.

    • Program features

    BMW Care.

    In addition to the mechanical repair and maintenance, BMW authorized dealers, with qualified body specialist for BMW, provide you with variety of car-care service menu. Body protective coating, which relieves you of annoying car-wash and waxing, sustains beautiful glossy surface.

    Glass repellant treatment keeps you safe with clear view in rainy conditions. Rim polishing makes your BMW feet look so stylish. High pressured steam cleaning removes sticky dirt and anti-freeze agents, which prevent from sideslip on icy road.   *For further information, please contact service advisor at BMW authorized dealers

    Car Navigation.

    Customized BMW car NAVI feature both voice guidance and maps in English


    Leave the city behind. Enjoy Japan's beautiful rural scenery to your heart's content. Why hesitate? Perhaps you don't read or speak Japanese, and you're afraid of losing your way on the road... Leave your worries behind. Customized BMW car navigation system offers voice guidance and maps in English, so you'll be just as comfortable driving on Japanese roads as you were back home. Call your local BMW dealer - in English, of course - and experience BMW driving pleasure to your heart's content.  

    Free Dial For Inquiries.

    BMW Customer Interaction Support.

    Dial the number below, if you have any questions or inquiries about BMW.



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