BMW 7 Series

    7 Series

    Driving Luxury.THE BMW 7 SERIES.

    Master every performance, enjoy every moment. The BMW 7 Series Sedan stands for self-assured presence, exceptional performance and maximum comfort.The emotive language of the elegant design together with that special atmosphere of
    well-being in the interior thanks to the supreme quality of details, individual styling options and technical innovations make it the epitome of the BMW luxury class.


    BMW Corporate Sales.

    Corporate sales

    Award-winning excellence and the right solutions for everyone.

    We think you’ll agree that no other manufacturer can offer fleet decision-makers such a compelling combination of class-leading cars and services as BMW. In BMW models it’s called Efficient Dynamics, and in MINI models it’s called MINIMALISM, but the principle is the same in both cases: less fuel consumption, more efficiency, more driving pleasure. In addition to this, BMW i vehicles offers a new generation of electric models that pair safety and efficiency.

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